Sunday, April 24, 2016

This Weeks Bible Study

Hey everyone! This week I want to challenge you to spend 15 minutes everyday with God. Here is an easy way how!
Alright so when I have my time with God I always have my bible, journal, and a pencil with me. First I pick a section of the bible:
Monday - James 1-2
Tuesday - Hosea 3
Wednesday - Leviticus 15
Thursday - Revelation 1
Friday - Isaiah 5
Saturday - Mark 6
Sunday - Matthew 2

After I have read my section of the bible/while I am reading it I take note and write verses that stood out to me that I might want to journal about later. Lastly I write out a prayer I always try to start my prayer and end it with something positive like a thanks or a praise. Please comment what you learned I will!!!!!
With Love, Lila

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