Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our Summer Bucket List

Hey guys! We are so excited about summer so we decided to make a bucket list of stuff we want to do!

  1. Have a water fight
  2. Make smores
  3. Make pancakes at 3 in the morning
  4. Tie dies shirts
  5. Bake cookies for a nursing home
  6. Dance and eat watermelon in the rain
  7. Send off a balloon with a message in it
  8. Create a memory box to open at the end of high school
  9. Go to a mall dressed up at a cow and "moo"
  10. Have a picnic 
  11. Do random acts of kindness
  12. Play hide and seek in a big store
  13. Try something new at Starbucks
  14. Carve our names into a tree
  15. Have a chick flick marathon (with snacks)
  16. Build an EPIC fort
  17. Make frozen lemonade
  18. Make ice cream
  19. Reach 50 posts
  20. Have Fun!
- Lila and Tess 

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