this morning I was doing a few cute crafts and I decided to show you!

1} jam printable 
I printed this out from Wild Olive Blog and I thought it was really cute :) { I'm going to color it later }

2} penta-babies jam circle
to be honest, I don't really know what this is called but normally its embroidered { I'm too lazy to do that :) } so I made it out of paper and tape

3} star jar { continued }
I finished making stars and I made a few washi tape ones too!

4} potted plants
I finally got around to potting my two beloved plants { a cactus and a plant that I don't know what it's called :/ }

5} penta-babies { continued }
all I did was add a few washi tape pentagons

thanks guys <3 bye!


today Lila and I skyped, as we skyped we made a few cute crafts :)

1} kawaii stars
they are kinda hard to make but thy are really cute

2} Washi tape banner 
it was hard to cut them all out but it was worth it :) { template from wild olive blog }

3} penta-babies!
these are just tiny pentagons that I drew kawaii faces on and laminated, then I made a cute tiny bag :)

I love you guys :)


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