Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Bullet Journal!

Hey hey hey! Today I'm going to be showing the fun and easy way I like to organize my life! Its called bullet journaling, you guys can look it up on Pinterest ( speaking of which go follow us @2peaseinapodblog ) Its really simple and pretty much anyone can do it if you have a journal! ( CAUTION, BAD PHOTOGRAPHY AHEAD!!! )

This is my journal! ( isn't it darling? ) It was given to me by my best friend, Lila of coarse!
I started out by making a key of what little symbols i would be using.
Then i started to log all the things i did in that day ( like school, doctors appointments, etc. ), also I added little notes, pictures, and washi tape. BTW i started my journal at the beginning of the year and I suggest you do too. 
Now, this April i decided I needed to clean this up. So i started using pen exclusively, and just trying to make it overall neater.
This is my personal favorite page, I just made a little preview of the month for me and add a qut and some pictures. v
Then I journaled pretty much the same as before just with neater writing and minimalistic designs.

I really think you guys should try it!
have a good weekend!

- Tess

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